In line with the vision of The Next Movement . . .


The U.S. justice system is inhumane and immoral, and can only be changed through the efforts of everyday people passionately working to educate and inform their communities. Core to our success is the conviction that America is committing an incredible injustice on entire populations of its own citizens, and that brought to light, average Americans will become allies in the fight for justice and human rights.


(IFAFF) brings to audiences films that explore our current criminal justice system – police, courts, and corrections – the causes and drivers of the (In)Justice for All Film Festival. . . over-incarceration, and the for-profit industries that feed at this trough of human misery. We will share the stories of the millions that are relegated to second-class citizenship under an unforgiving system.


We will show better ways that exist in other countries, feature-length documentaries, as well as topical shorts, with themes covering the following subjects:



  • The War on Drugs and its effect on individuals, families, and society

  • The science of addiction

  • The politicization of crime and punishment

  • Poverty - Housing, Hunger, Health . . .

  • Global alternatives to imprisonment

  • The crisis of Homelessness

  • Mass Incarceration’s many impacts 

  • Restorative Justice – Restoring Community Health

  • Police Violence / Police Accountability

  • Mental Health in America

  • Immigration

  • Prison Abolition

  • Politically Motivated Imprisonment

  • Prison Profiteers – The corporations that profit from prison growth


The power of film to educate and influence, to inspire and engage, and to ultimately exponentially grow the number of active allies in the fight to end the embarrassing injustice that mass incarceration represents, are the catalyst for the (In)Justice for All Film Festival.