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Who We Are

IFAFF International Mission

Build the premier festival experience that brings to light the structural and systemic injustices perpetrated on peoples of the world and inspires audiences to become allies in the fight for justice and human rights.



In 2023, the (In)Justice for All Film Festival will curate its eighth Festival.


Since its inception in 2012, the IFAFF International has:

  • Screened over 200 films from around the world, at over 50 locations, including universities, churches, community-rooted organizations, theaters, and art galleries.

  • Jury awarded monetary compensation to 24 filmmakers for artistic excellence and justice impact.

  • Produced over eighty special events in partnership with social justice activists, filmmakers, and subject matter experts, with the support of over fifty community organizations.



to have successfully organized, collaborated, and won justice victories, as follows:

  • The End Money Bail Coalition

  • Coalition to End Juvenile Life with Parole

  • Coalition to Close Tamms Super-Max Prison

  • Illinois Coalition to End the Death Penalty

  • Bring Chicago Home Coalition

  • Reunification Ride, a program to maintain familial ties between children and incarcerated moms

  • Eviction Education Community Forums

  • What to Expect When A Loved One is Arrested Booklet Guide and Community Forums

  • Jury Power - Pamphlet and Community Forums

  • Community Control of Police - Community Forums

  • Know Your Rights: Why and How to Invoke Your Rights - Police Community Forum

  • Just Housing Initiative - Community Forums

  • Creation of Tamar’s Wings, a faith-based initiative to highlight and impact sex trafficking and domestic violence in Chicagoland

Meet The Team


Michael Woods, Festival Director

Marketing, Media, Talent Communications


Darcey Carter, Associate Director

Film Selection, Screening Process,

Audience Development


Olivia Chase, Associate Director

Sponsorship and Partnership Advancement, Content Editing


Robinette Williams, Associate Director

Festival Infrastructure, Finance


Daryle Brown, Director of Social Justice

for Trinity United Church of Christ


Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Senior Pastor

of Trinity United Church of Christ

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