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Justice For All Award


Trapped: Cash Bail in America

Directed by: Garrett Hubbard

This is our 1st Place Grand Prize Award for the film that moves head and heart to the imperatives of fairness, equity and righteousness in our society.

_Trapped_poster_A - Chris Jenkins.jpg

Impact Award


The First Rainbow Coalition

Directed by: Ray Santisteban

This is our 2nd Place Award for the film that has a marked audience effect through the power of its narrative and unique examination of its subject matter.

final poster 3h_v3(1) - R Sant.jpg

Freedom Award



Directed by: Jon Alston

Cooked: Survival by Zip Code

Directed by: Judith Helfand

This year we were compelled to give an award to two films in this category in order to keep our judges from coming to blows!

Poster 81547c8d75-poster.jpg
COOKED_18X26_BF_rgb-sm - Mark Martelli.jpg
final poster 3h_v3(1) - R Sant.jpg

Fan Favorite Award


The First Rainbow Coalition

Directed by: Ray Santisteban

This award, in honor of Curly Cohen, is given to the film voted festival favorite by viewers.

IFAFF International Director's Choice Award


Geographies of Racial Capitalism
with Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Directed by: Kenton Card

This award is chosen by the festival director, out of those not selected for our standard awards, but deserving special recognition. This year marks only the second year of this presentation.

Poster 3559408b93-poster.jpg

Special Mention Short Film



Directed by: Jia Wertz


The Thin Blue Variety Show  

Directed by:  Gretta Wilson



Directed by: Breeana Hinton

Thin Blue Poster Small - Gretta Wilson.jpg
CONVICTION Poster with Testimonials - Najia Wertz.png
Wake_Poster_HintonBreeana - Breeana Hinton.png

Special Mention Feature Film


A Better Way

Directed by: Clay Vaughan


Book By Its Cover  

Directed by:  Renee Fischer


In Their Shoes

Directed by: Taylor Katsanis

Poster b9d8959444-poster.jpg
BBIC Poster - Renee Fischer.png
In-Their-Shoes_Movie-Poster - Stephen Crivellaro.jpg
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